Feb 13, 2012

Sanam Marvi Sindhi Singer's Biography, Photos And Wallpapers

Sanam Marvi Biography
Sanam Marvi is one of the youngest and most popular classical singers from the Sindh.
Sanam Marvi’s father was the renowned singer Fakir Ghulam Rasool and hence she was inculcated into classical singing at a very young age. Having studied Sufi poetry extensively, Sanam Marvi,s aim to spread the Sufic belief in love and peace through her music to global and local audiences. In her element with compositions of mystics such as Baba Bulleh Shah, Baba Sheikh Farid, Sachal Sarmast and one of the greatest poets of the Sindhi language, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.

Sanam Marvi's life movements in photos Bellow:
Sanam Marvi with Abida Parveen and Arif Lohar
Sanam Marvi During Performance At PTV
Sanam Marvi During Recording In Coke Studios
Sanam Marvi During Song Recording
Sanam Marvi One Style At PTV
Sanam Marvi Singing WIth Arif Lohar
Sanam Marvi Smiling During Recording
Sanam Marvi With Abida Perveen
Sanam Marvi one Great Style