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Ahmed Mughal Album Dosti Songs Detail

Album (Dosti)
01.  Allah Tokhay Aany (Pyasi Nazar Chandio
02.  Hijir Mian Hanjoon Na (Jawad Jafri)
03.  Jeki Zulim Toon Keran (Zama Khaskhaly0
04.  Moonkhay Maran G Manzil (Zama Kahskhaly)
05.  Muhinjo Dam (Zafar Deth)
06.  Runo Hoonden (Zafar Detho)
07.  Suhuna Manhoon Sindh Ja (Zama Khaskhaly)
08.  To Khay Wisaran Lay (Gul hassan Khaskaly)
09.  Tuhinji Sik Main Wehi (Zafar Deth)

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